Patrick Underwood

Head Coach: Senior Gold/Blue Seniors

Patrick is originally from Kent, Ohio and grew up swimming in the Northeast Ohio area. He was a member of a Prep School All-American 400 Freestyle Relay team as well as a High School Academic All-American. Upon graduation from Johns Hopkins in 1992, where he swam and played water polo, he became an assistant for the NCAA National oriented men's and women's swimming programs as well as men's water polo. While at JHU he became the Head Assistant Swimming Coach in charge of the distance group and Aquatics Director.

Also at this time Patrick began assisting Ted Bresnahan at the Goucher Branch of GBSA and two years later with the Catonsville Branch. In the fall of 1999 Patrick took the role of Head Coach for GBSA South. In his time at the Catonsville Branch (which became the sole GBSA site in 2001) the program has grown considerably in numbers as well as having increasingly greater successes in the pool. His program is built around technique improvement and a flexible, positive environment in which athletes may choose to commit more and more time to the sport as their desire grows. Each year the club improves in all aspects of operation and continues to provide an excellent place for development of talent.

We as a coaching staff look to encourage each swimmer to become the best they can be and take what is most positive from the sport of swimming. We hope to see greater numbers of GBSA swimmers dedicating themselves to excellence and help them attain higher and higher levels of accomplishment. This is done by constantly trying to achieve perfection in competitive swimming skills in all levels of athlete, from the 6-year-old novice to the 17-year-old Sectional qualifier. As the athletes become increasingly excited about their improvements they naturally want to dedicate more of their time for even better results.

Bruce Claus

Bruce Claus - W2/High School Development

Bruce is originally from Rochester, New York and grew up in competitive swimming in the upstate New York area. Bruce entered the U.S. Coast Guard in 1972 where he was a swim instructor among having other duties as a Port Safety Law Enforcement and Marine Environmental Officer.

Bruce has been a member of US Swimming as a Maryland Swimming Official since 1990. He started coaching for GBSA in September of 2012 as the W2’s coach. Bruce also has worked as the Mini’s coach but currently is the W2’s and High School Development coach. Bruce is a Level 1 ASCA certified coach, a Certified Pool Operator for Baltimore County and a Red Cross Certified Lifeguard.

Bruce loves swimming and strives to develop and fine tune stroke techniques to help in speed and performance. Bruce enjoys coaching and looks forward to gaining more knowledge and experience. With this knowledge and experience Bruce hopes to help and encourage swimmers to strive to achieve their goals.