FINANCIAL: To begin the season a swimmer must have all registration information turned in (GBSA and USA registration forms, photocopies of birth certificates if new to USA) AND the registration fee and first month paid (check to GBSA please!).

FINANCIAL COMMITMENT: GBSA is set-up on a quarterly basis. The quarters are September through November, December through February and March through May with the summer quarter being the fourth. ONCE YOU BEGIN A QUARTER YOU ARE FINANCIALLY COMMITTED TO THAT QUARTER NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! (Serious physical illness or injury are obvious cases for leniency). If you start swimming in March then decide that baseball is taking too much time YOU STILL MUST PAY FOR APRIL AND MAY!!!!

DUES MUST BE PAID BY THE 15TH OF EACH MONTH (or by the 15th of the first month of the quarter if you pay quarterly)

TEAM: Every GBSA family must get their swimmers to practice on time! Every swimmer must attend the minimum number of practices required by their group to remain in that group! Every swimmer must come to every practice ready to learn and improve: poor attitudes and disrespectful behavior WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!

MEETS: Every GBSA family must commit to the following for our two home meets:

  • One parent works 5 sessions out of the ten we run over the two weekends.
  • Each family contributes $35 towards our concessions; regardless of whether they are in attendance or not!!!

Q: Who do I contact with questions or concerns?

Contact Head Coach Patrick Underwood regarding any team matter. All of the coaches are introduced on the "Coaches" page of this website.

Q: What is an e-mail address I can use?

Head Coach Patrick Underwood can be reached via e-mail at swimgbsa@verizon.net

Q: What is the pool physical address?

The pool is located on the campus of CCBC Catonsville at 800 South Rolling Road, Catonsville, MD.

Q: Where can I find updated meet information and results?

There are several places to get meet information and results. These include:
(1) The bulletin board in pool lobby.
(2) This website for GBSA-specific information.
(3) The website http://www.mdswim.org for swim meet schedules, meet notices, and meet results.
(4) The Box - there are five plastic file boxes that will be placed in the lobby during each swim practice. Any ribbons your swimmer has earned in past meets will be placed in your family's corresponding folder (alphabetized by last name). Payments and meet signup sheets can be placed in the coach's folder (found at the END of the alphabetical list of family folders).

Q: How will information be conveyed to the swimmers during the season?

Most communication will be accomplished via e-mail - sign up for the GBSA e-mail list to receive all pertinent meet/team information electronically. Other information will be posted on the bulletin board.

Q: Who do I call to see if the pool is closed due to inclement weather?

Call the CCBC Catonsville Weather Line at (410) 455-4567. Inclement weather decisions are made by CCBC Catonsville. If the college is closed, GBSA will not practice. If the college is open then GBSA will train. If GBSA makes the decision to cancel practice while the college is open you will be contacted electronically and possibly by phone. Please check your e-mail regularly.

Q: What are the Training Groups and Training Schedule?

This information can be found on the Training Groups and Training Schedule web pages.

Q: Will the Training Schedule change?

Yes. During the college breaks, ie. Winter and Spring breaks, the above schedules will be amended. The amended times will be sent via e-mail. In addition, at times, there will be water polo games (Mount St. Joe) prior to GBSA swim practices. These games may overlap slightly with the above practice times. You will be notified via e-mail of any swim practice time changes.

Q: Where do I buy swim suits/apparel?

Metro Swim Shop in Linthicum, MD is the apparel supplier for GBSA. Team suit sizing nights will be announced via e-mail. GBSA also has online access for apparel orders via a Metro Swim Shop portal at: TBD

Q: When are GBSA home meets?

GBSA Thanksgiving Swim Fest : November 17, 2017 - November 19, 2017

GBSA Last Chance Qualifier: February 09, 2018 - February 11, 2018

Q: Who swims at GBSA home meets?

This is an Age Group Meet available to ALL GBSA swimmers including those under the age of 9.

Q: What responsibilities do I have as a parent of a GBSA swimmer(s)?

Parents (or guardians) participate in home meets by signing up for jobs AND by making food donations to support the concession stand (this is a fundraising activity for the GBSA swim club). The description of these jobs and the signup sheets will be provided within several weeks of each meet and will be posted on the bulletin board.

IMPORTANT: Each family is REQUIRED (no exceptions) to fulfill both donation and job requirements.

Jobs: If you have a swimmer or swimmers 9 years old and older, you must fulfill 5 jobs over the course of both home meets (This represents 10 sessions total over both meets where one job = one session). If you have a swimmer or all swimmers under the age of 9, you must fulfill 4 jobs over the course of both home meets.

Donation: You are required to donate $35 per swimmer for GBSA home meets.

Q: What are the GBSA fees?

Quarterly Fees: You may pay monthly but if a payment is more than 14 days late swimmer(s) may not swim again until there is at least communication as to payment plan.

Registration Fee:
Check #1 $80 (USA) + $75 (GBSA) + $100 (Meet Advertising) = $255
Check #2 $35 (Meet concessions) + $15 (Team shirt) = $50

Quarterly fees:
Check #3 Fee schedule is as follows:
$210 Mini 3x per week, or (All Other Groups) 2x per week
$225 (White, BLJ or SR PREP) 3x per week, or Mini 4x per week
$240 (White, BLJ, SR PREP or BLS) 4x per week
$255 (White, BLJ, BLS or SRS) 5 or more x per week

The registration fees are per swimmer and for multi-swimmer families these checks can be multiplied by the number of swimmers. We do not need separate checks #1 and 2 for each swimmer.

The quarterly fees are full price for the swimmer with the most practices per week and then take 20% off the fees for the 2nd swimmer (and 3rd, 4th if that applies). Again multi-swimmers can be totalled and paid in one check #3.

There is also an annual spring fundraiser event to which the Seniors and Blue Seniors are also committed financially; each member of this group must raise/donate $50. This event is held in April.

Q: What are the months for each quarter?

Q1: Sept/Oct/Nov, Q2: Dec/Jan/Feb, Q3: Mar/Apr/May, and Q4: Jun/Jul/Aug.

Q: Can I pay monthly?


Q: Will I receive an invoice for GBSA fees and when is payment due?

UPDATED!! NO BILLING! Parents are expected to pay the quarter or pay by the 10th of each month...

Q: What are the fees for Summer Swimming at GBSA?

Minis $225
W2 $240
W1 $240
BLJ $305
HSD $225
SRS/BLS $315

Q: Any discount for multi-swimmer?

All swimmers in each group may attend any and all practices listed for their group by paying the fee listed *the same multi-swimmer discount from the short course season applies per family: first swimmer pays full price, 20% off fees for each additional swimmer.

Q: Where can I find the Practice Schedules and Registration Form?

GBSA Summer Quarter Registration Form and Schedules are attached below.**Remember to make checks to GBSA!