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    The Greater Baltimore Swim Association is a year-round, competitive age group USA Swimming team in Catonsville, MD. Established in 1990 by Edward R. "Ted" Bresnahan, the club was founded on the premise of flexibility, encouragement and excellence in instruction. Head coach Patrick Underwood adheres to these principles as GBSA enters its 26th year. GBSA provides a positive, motivating environment, generous facilities, and expert coaching. Read More
  • Our Mission

    Our Mission: To create a positive environment in which potential can be brought to realization. To focus on improvement through hard work, technique, attention to detail, and encouragement by all members of the organization. To breed success through mutual respect, fostering desire, mental preparation, and interpersonal cooperation. We offer flexibility to allow the very busy youth of today to swim when they can around their other activities, giving them the opportunity to stay with the sport until the time comes for them to choose a sport full time. Read More
  • Excellence

    We offer excellence in instruction so that when these athletes do choose a sport, no matter what sport, they will have gained from GBSA the ability and understanding to work towards the highest goals through excellence in basic technique, focus and dedication. We encourage these athletes to constantly work towards better mechanics, emotional and mental focus, and, of course, increased dedication to swimming. We at GBSA feel that these are also valuable lessons that will aid these young people in all endeavors throughout their lives. Read More
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Greetings GBSA,

The roster(click here) has been updated. We will not take anyone other than those listed on the roster until after the registration process which means we will not add anyone else until mid-September. I have already posted the new training schedule. Here is the next step for ALL families:

Due to the large number of new swimmers and our allowance by the college to add Sundays we will attempt to make room for all. At this point we need to respect the returning families and allow them first crack at the training schedules. So...

Returning families may start emailing Monday 8/22 at 8am. No emails sent prior to that time or to any email other than swimgbsa@yahoo.com will be accepted or honored. Returning families may include new family members' to the team schedules also.

Families new to the team - with no no returning members - may start emailing Tuesday 8/23 at 6pm. Again nothing earlier or any email sent to any other address than swimgbsa@yahoo.com will not be accepted or honored.

Here is what each family will Email:

     Family name

     We have (x) number of swimmers:

     Swimmer (name) who is in the (name of) group would like to train x, y and z evenings (and time of practice if multiples on a same night are offered):

If you have multiple swimmers please do the same for each.

Make sure you include corrected name of swimmer if not accurate on the roster. Please also include alternate evenings for training in the initial email if possible.

Please understand this is first come first serve and I will be reviewing a lot of emails. Be patient and follow these guidelines. If you are a returning family and email after new families may request schedules you will fall in line behind them. ALL GROUPS other than my Blue Seniors must request practice nights. They basically need to be there every night anyway.

Here's to a wonderful new team, dynamic and season.

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Greetings to the 2016-17 GBSA team!  The roster is now available here.

Please review and note....it is a big roster!!  More people than we have ever attempted to accommodate before.  I am making some changes so we can fit everyone.  Please look closely over the new training schedule.  With so many W2 I have had to be creative.

Minis:  MWF 5-6 or 6-7pm; Sat 12-1 or 1-2 pm

W2:  Monday 5-630 or 630-8pm; Wednesday 430-6 or 6-730pm; Friday 5-630pm; Saturday 12-130 or 130-3; SUNDAY 10-1130am!

W1:  Monday 5-630; Tuesday 445-615; Wednesday 5-630; Friday 6-730; Saturday 12-130

BLJ:  MF 5-630; TTh 445-645; W 430-6; Sat 12-2

HSD:  MWF 630-8; Sat 1:30-3

BLS:  Same as always - Saturdays 1-4

I will have more details on the next step in registration this weekend once I have good wifi.  Congratulations on being part of the GBSA family for the upcoming year.  Start planning your schedules and dates and times to email me requests this weekend.

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GBSA is set-up on a quarterly basis. The quarters are:

  • September-October-November
  • December-January-February
  • March-April-May
  • June-July-August

Once you begin a quarter, YOU ARE FINANCIALLY COMMITTED TO THAT QUARTER -- NO EXCEPTIONS. (Serious physical illness or injuries are obvious cases for leniency). For example, if you start swimming in March, then later decide that another commitment is taking too much of your time, YOU STILL MUST PAY for the remainder of the quarter (April and May).

You have the option of paying on either a monthly or quarterly basis. Dues must be paid by the 15th of each month (or by the 15th of the first month of the quarter if you pay quarterly).

Quarterly (or monthly) Dues Structure


(or Monthly Payment)
for first swimmer
HSD - 2X per week, White Groups- 3X per week $210 ($70-$70-$70)
Minis - 4x per week, All others - 3X per week $225 ($75-$75-$75)
4X per week $240 ($80-$80-$80)
5X (or more) per wk, 120+ min & dry land $255 ($85-$85-$85)
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Fall 2016 Sunday Stroke Clinic

Registration will open @8 PM 08/30/2016.

Classes will begin Sunday, September 11th. We will run ten (10) over the ten weeks ending Sunday 11/13.  This year registration will be done online via this website. Registration will open on Thursday, 8/30, 2016 at 8pm.  1 and 2pm classes will be available; when those fill 3pm will open if necessary.

Group Time Level I Level II
Beginners: Ages 4 & up


1:00 -1:45 PM


Level I: Children must be able to get in the water without parents. Level II: Children must be able to push off the wall and kick to the instructor and be able to blow bubbles.
Intermediate: Ages 5 & up


1:00 -2:00 PM

2:00 -3:00 PM

Level I: Children must be able to swim 15 yards of freestyle with their face in the water and be able to kick on their back. Level II: Children must be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke.
Competitive: Ages 6 & up


1:00 -2:00 PM

2:00 -3:00 PM

Level I: Children must be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle with proficient lateral breathing and 25 yards of backstroke and have some knowledge of breast stroke. Level II: Children must be able to swim 25’s and 50’s repeatedly as well as have a competent breaststroke.

GBSA HEAD COACH: Patrick Underwood 
e-mail: swimgbsa@verizon.net


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Congratulations, 2015-2016 AAAA Swimmers

Emily Greenwald

Claire O' Shaughnessy

Isabella Whitaker


Our Coaches

  • Patrick Underwood +

    Head Coach: Senior Gold/Blue Seniors Patrick is originally from Kent, Ohio and grew up swimming in the Northeast Ohio area. Read More
  • Bruce Claus +

    Bruce Claus - W2/High School Development Bruce is originally from Rochester, New York and grew up in competitive swimming in the Read More
  • Liz Pflaum +

    Liz Pflaum - Blue Juniors Read More
  • Sarah Bofinger +

    Sarah Bofinger - Trainer Hey, I'm Sarah and I'm a AFAA certified personal trainer, and havetwenty plus years of swimming experience. Read More
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GBSA Fall/Winter Training Schedule

Training Group Monday Tuesday Wednsday Thursday Friday



Mini 5-6 PM
6-7 PM
5-6 PM
6-7 PM
  5-6 PM
6-7 PM
12-1 PM
1-2 PM
W2 5-630 PM
630-8 PM
  430-6 PM
6-730 PM
  5-630 PM 12-130 PM
130-3 PM
W1 5-630 PM 445-615 PM 5-630 PM   6-730 PM 12-130 PM  
BLJ 5-630 PM 445-645 PM 430-6 PM 445-615 PM 445-645 PM 12-2 PM  
HSD 630-8 PM   630-8 PM   630-8 PM 130-3 PM  
BLS 6-8 PM 445-715 6-8 PM 445-715 6-8 PM 1-4 PM  
SRS 6-830 PM 445-715 6-830 PM 445-715 6-830 PM 1-4 PM